Woodford County High School – About

Woodford County High School (WCHS) is a selective girl’s grammar school, with 180 pupils per year. Established in 1919, Woodford County strives to create an enjoyable learning experience, where students will be prepared for a happy, fulfilling and useful life. WCHS also seeks to help students become confident, independent and considerate people which is achieved by the plethora of opportunities for each and every student. 

Woodford County High School – Resources

Address: High Rd, Woodford, Woodford Green IG8 9LA

Phone Number: 020 8504 0611

Admissions Phone Number: 0208 708 3139

Admissions email: enquiries@woodford.redbridge.sch.uk

Students admitted at 11+: 180

Link to website: https://www.woodford.redbridge.sch.uk

Woodford County High School – History

The current school building is located in Woodford Green, and was built in 1768 by William Newton as Highams Park. However, in 1849, the Warner family purchased the property and the building was later used as a hospital in which Florence Nightingale worked in. During the Second World War, the building also provided accommodation for Sir Winston Churchill. However, in 1919, the site became the building for the school, with extensions being done to the school building to the north and the south with the building then graded as a Grade II listed building in 1951. Since then, the school has expanded significantly, including the new addition of the Centenary Centre, which houses many new laboratories and classrooms.

Woodford County High School – Results

GCSEs in 2019

Percentage of Grades
Grades 7-9 78%
Grades 5-9 100%

A Levels in 2019

Percentage of Grades
Grades A*-A 42%
Grades A*-B 68%

Woodford County High School – Examinations

WCHS requires an 11+ entrance examination, using the GL examination type.

Format MCQ
Layout Section by section
Separate Answer Sheet Yes
Creative writing No
Timing Usually 45 mins per paper

Woodford County High School – Entrance exam

The Redbridge 11 Plus Exam can seem slightly confusing or daunting, so we have a fully informative guide to the exam here.

Furthermore, competition for places in Woodford County is extremely competitive, with an average of 1 place for every 13 children you apply. Thus, preparation for this exam is the key for all children who want to apply and you can find more about 11 Plus preparation here.

Free Practice papers:

FREE GL Set 1 Practice Exams