Why Us

What makes us different from other tuition centres?

At Redbridge Tuition we aim to build every child’s confidence in their ability to achieve; this could be a child who is under-achieving and falling behind, or overachieving and is bored, or it could be a child who has no issues in schools but simply wants to do better.

We instil in every child, the confidence that comes from a strong grounding in their chosen subject(s).

We are passionately dedicated to providing the very best in tuition services.

We employ subject specialists as well as qualified teachers.

We are child-centred as well as teacher-led.

What does that translate into?

Authenticity: we want to provide the highest standard of supporting tutoring; that means going beyond simply providing instruction, or worse, not explaining at all.the quality of teaching and instruction depends on the authenticity of the company and particularly the tutor delivering the lesson. Our tutors are a mixture of recent graduates, qualified teachers and experienced tutors.

• Excellence: We believe our tutors are the best in their field. They have a passion for teaching and seeing children gain confidence in their own ability. The tutor needs to empathise with the child and be able to build a strong working relationship with every child. It means recognising quickly, each child’s strengths and weaknesses. We believe in establishing foundations that will stand each child in good stead beyond their exam.

• Innovation: Our tuition classes, we believe are like no other. We believe we are ahead of the curve in our teaching practices. Our blended learning approach is like no other. This approach means that children enjoy learning and retain much more. It also means that children are much more able to apply what we teach in the exam as well as real-life conditions.

That’s all very well, but what does that mean for you?

It means that we are able to provide the best tuition service possible. We use the national curriculum as the foundation of everything that we teach. We have between us, over 50 years of teaching experience. We do not simply use the hundreds of materials in the market, but in the main create our own style of teaching materials.

It means your child will get the best support and instruction, not only in subject knowledge but also the other skills, such as understanding and utilising exam techniques, tips on how to read faster, putting together strategies for independent learning or strategies for how to build self-confidence.

This will translate into much better transferable and soft skills as they go through their school life.

It also means peace of mind for you- that your child is in the best possible hands- a company that is reliable and credible.

And of course, it goes without saying that all staff are DBS checked.

We have worked with children for entry to Eton and Westminster and have been successful in helping them to gain entry but have not included them here.

In short, whatever stage your child is in and whether that comes to us for preparing for an exam, or just additional support, we can help.

We offer group and 1 to 1 tuition for students of 7+, 11+ & 13+, as well as for GCSE in maths, English and the sciences.

We group students according to yearly Assessment / Student and limit the number of students per class to ensure they get the necessary attention to achieve their full potential. Currently, we operate in three different locations.

To contact us to book centre lessons or make an enquiry please click ‘Book Now’ below or contact us on the following numbers:

0800 228 9779 for Seven Kings

0800 228 9775 for Loughton

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Our Values

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