Seven Kings Tuition Centre

Seven Kings Tuition Centre

Inside Redbridge Tuition Seven Kings

Background – Seven Kings Tuition

Our Seven Kings Tuition Centre (in Ilford) has operated since 2014. It was our first tuition establishment, where previously we had worked mostly from hired classrooms. We work with the most talented local Seven Kings tutors to ensure students receive the best education.

How to find us

Our Seven Kings Tuition Centre is located on Mead’s Lane between Romford (to the East) and Stratford (to the West) and is easy to reach by road and rail. The nearest underground station is Newbury Park on the Central Line and Seven Kings on TFL rail.

There are several buses that stop outside the centre and nearby, and free parking is available on the surrounding roads. There are also many shops on the High Road, which is less than a 10-minute walk from the centre.

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Our Seven Kings Tuition Classes

At Redbridge Tuition, Seven Kings, we offer tuition classes for both primary and secondary school children. Classes run every day except Fridays and Sundays. We are open 48 weeks of the year for primary and 44 weeks of the year for secondary classes.

This ensures that students maintain a high level of consistency in their educational aims. Furthermore, it ensures that our students, especially those taking exams, have expert tutors available to guide them through.

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