Seven Kings Tuition Centre

Seven Kings Tuition Centre

Redbridge Tuition's Seven Kings tuition centre

Background – Seven Kings Tuition

Our Seven Kings Tuition Centre (in Ilford) has operated since 2014. It was our first tuition establishment, where previously we had worked mostly from hired classrooms. We work with the most talented local Seven Kings tutors to ensure students receive the best education.

Our Seven Kings Tuition Centre is located between Romford (to the East) and Stratford (to the West) and is easy to reach by road and rail. The nearest underground station is Newbury Park on the Central Line and Seven Kings on TFL rail.

There are several buses that stop outside the centre and nearby, and free parking is available on the surrounding roads. There are also many shops on the High Road, which is less than a 10-minute walk from the centre.

bhumika mistry
bhumika mistry
My son attended the Loughton Branch of RTC. We were impressed with the dedication and knowledge of the tutors. My son enjoyed going to the classes and we did this for approx 2 years leading up to his entrance exams for secondary school. With the help of RTG, he was offered 3 schools. RTG try to make it as engaging as possible, with some fun and games mixed in, younger children learn in this way they best I feel. I have no hesitation in recommending this place for assisting children getting ready for 11+ and private school entrance exams.
Zoey Vu
Zoey Vu
Redbridge Tuition is amazing. My cousin prepared for his 11 plus CEM exam and he got into Bexleyheath school. His confidence in maths and English really improved, and this has helped him adapt really well to the challenge of a grammar school. We had to put in a lot of work to get him to the level, but the tutors at Redbridge Tuition really helped us with resources and enabled us give Jamie the best chance.
Ben Cooper
Ben Cooper
Redbridge Tuition Loughton have a refreshing and professional system of education in place that has been tried and tested over many years and it shows. They have a great team of teachers who are enthusiastic, caring and inspiring to the young people that they teach. Keep up the great work and thank you so much for your help with my daughter's education.
I would like to say a big thank you to all at Redbridge Tuition, Loughton for being outstanding tutors to my son Joel, who was successfully offered a place at both independent schools he applied for. He loved his time at Loughton and has said he will miss his usual trips to the Tuition Centre. My experience with your services has always been positive and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. Veronica
Hilin Yalcin
Hilin Yalcin
Both my sisters are at the Redbridge Tuition Group, and they have benefited from the lessons a lot! My sister has moved up a set in her maths class, and she has gained a lot of confidence. I would highly recommend Redbridge Tuition Group to anyone who wants to gain a more in depth understanding on core subjects such as Maths and English. Jonathan has been very helpful for me also. I have received useful tips on essay writing which has helped me with my University assignments.
Amanda Brett
Amanda Brett
Our daughter has been attending since Year 10 and is benefiting from the Maths tuition sessions at Redbridge as they are working along what she is currently learning at school. Allowing her to gain confidence in her school work as well as giving her a sense of achievement and greater understanding. A calm environment and classes are not too large so more focused.
Mis Junk
Mis Junk
RTG has provided tuition for GCSE Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Business Studies for my daughter. The tutors continued to teach my daughter in lock down on line which was very beneficial at a time when schools were closed and school work was minimal. Despite having science tutors before RTG, We saw a steady increase in her grades since joining RTG as well as a better understanding of the subjects taught. I would highly recommend Redbridge Tuition Group.
Jody Brown
Jody Brown
Ordered 2 further non-verbal books to join the first and must say these are perfect for Kent test preparations. The questions mirror those used in the 'real' exam and the presentation of the questions makes it easier for the children to see what they need to do - highly recommended!
nandita deo
nandita deo
RTG has really helped me with my 11+ preparation over the span of one year. The teachers’ support was amazing and really improved my speed and accuracy. The teaching covers different topics every session and consolidates existing knowledge. A big thanks to Rupa who pushed me out of my comfort zone in English to improve my creative writing. Thanks to John, Juber and Prajay for all their effort and patience in helping me pass all my exams. I look forward to joining my new school, Henrietta Barnett in the new academic year. Shreya Nair, student.

The Local Area

We know that parents are keen to find places where they can explore the local area. While their children are in our Seven Kings Tuition Centre, there are a number of local eateries, so it is easy for parents to find places to eat. Next to the centre, you can stop off at N’Dos for a quick bite to eat.

On the High Road, there is a Subway and our personal recommendation, Chesters. Those who want greater variety can pick from South Indian Restaurants o Fusion places as well as the more traditional pubs and cafes.
If you fancy some quality Chinese food, Mandarin Palace is located quite nearby, though not within walking distance.

If you want to take a pleasant walk, the Westwood Recreation Ground is close. In addition, Seven Kings’ Park has excellent facilities, so if you want to take your family out, there is something for everyone.

In terms of shopping, we would recommend taking a short drive to the Brewery in Romford or Romford Market. This will give you a lot more choice and there is ample parking, though none is free. Alternatively, you could take a short trip to Ilford Town Centre and the Exchange Mall. Both these options should provide you with an ideal opportunity to explore the shops.

Our Seven Kings Students

Many of the students who attend the centre for 11 plus are applying to study at Ilford County School for boys and Woodford County School for girls. These schools are particularly competitive, so our high-rate of success proves our ability. We have also taught many students who attend those particular grammar schools to help them achieve top grades.


The closest surrounding primary schools include Aldborough, Farnham Green, Barley Lane, and Eastcourt Independent School. Our nearest secondary schools include Palmer Catholic Academy, Chadwell Heath Academy, Mayfield School, Oaks Park and Isaac Newton Academy.

We have worked with many students from all of these schools and have helped many students achieved strong SATs results, and excellent GCSEs and A-Levels.

Seven Kings also has a large population of minorities who speak English as a second language (around 35%). As a result, we are used to working with children who need support in their reading and writing.

The Best in Class for Seven Kings Tuition

Our tutors are all highly-experienced and work really hard to help our students achieve top results. In Seven Kings, tuition is a competitive business. Therefore, the fact that we maintain an excellent record and have such committed customers, shows how we have been able to stand out from other local tutors.

Our Seven Kings Tuition Classes

In Seven Kings tuition, we offer tuition classes for both primary and secondary school children. Classes run every day except Fridays and Sundays. We are open 48 weeks of the year for primary and 44 weeks of the year for secondary classes. As a result, students maintain consistency in their educational aims. Furthermore, it ensures that our students, especially those taking exams, have expert tutors available to guide them through.


Our Seven Kings tutors

George (biology & chemistry tutor)

Redbridge tuition centre is made up of welcoming staff that ensure that the centre is a positive environment. In addition, as a part-time student, my hours are flexible and fit in well with my studies. Tutoring here is extremely satisfying, this is due to the progress I have seen in my students over the span of a year, especially when some students arrive being quiet in character, and then eventually become confident to contribute to the lesson and to their peers. Furthermore, I am trusted to plan my lessons using the Redbridge Tuition workbooks and decide which topics students would benefit to work on.

Aaravint (biology tutor)

The principles of Redbridge Tuition are very similar to my own. I’m very passionate about sharing my knowledge to help shape the minds of students. Like me, Redbridge Tuition is committed to helping every one of their students with their education. They do this by providing a fun learning environment for their students. In addition, Redbridge Tuition provide a friendly working environment. I found that I was able to openly share and communicate my ideas on enhancing the service we provide. Furthermore, I was trusted with the responsibility of planning lessons using my own creativity. These are the reasons why I thoroughly enjoy working here.

Daniel (physics tutor) – Seven Kings Tutor

The Redbridge Tuition staff is made up of a group of friendly and supportive individuals. It was easy to build strong relationships with my colleagues, meaning we operate in a way where the collective goals take precedence. Redbridge Tuition has offered me flexible hours to work around my timetable, allowing me to find a balance between academic life and work. Currently, I teach physics for GCSE and A-level students, while also acting as a teaching assistant for some 11+ classes. Personally, by working here I have developed a transferable skill set which is both useful for my studies and my future prospects. The working environment in Redbridge Tuition is fun and open-minded, where my opinions and contributions are valued and respected.

Taniya (chemistry tutor) – Seven Kings Tutor

Working with Redbridge Tuition for as long as I have, I have been able to see many students learn and grow from their initial assessment. Viewing their progress has been the most rewarding aspect of working there. Many students were joining on recommendation from those who valued our services; this was very encouraging and enabled us to create a more personal connection with students and their parents/ guardians. What I respect the most about Redbridge Tuition is that the tutors stimulated interest in their subjects, as opposed to the dated rote-learning techniques adopted by many to this day. With the learning environment that has been created, students are visibly more excited and engaged. This is also true for those who may have struggled with communication at the start. Overall, working here has been a magnificent experience, and I personally would recommend Redbridge Tuition to anyone who requires its services.

Suhridh (maths Tutor) – Seven Kings Tutor

I am a maths tutor based in Seven Kings. Redbridge Tuition provides a great platform for students and tutors to collaborate, learn and prosper together. I have thoroughly enjoyed working here and trust that Redbridge Tuition will continue to develop and bring out the best in each student.


Our primary and secondary classes run as follows:

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