Loughton Tuition Centre

Loughton Tuition Centre

Redbridge Tuition's Loughton tuition centre

Background – Redbridge Tuition in Loughton

Our Loughton tuition centre has been operating on this site since 2018. We were particularly excited about our expansion into our second centre. We are proud that we have built a network of skilled tutors in this area.

Our centre is located between Epping (to the East) and Leytonstone (to the West) and is easily accessible by road and rail. The nearest underground station is Loughton tube station on the Central Line.

There are several buses that stop nearby, and free parking is available on some of the nearby roads between set hours. Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencers and Morrison supermarkets are located nearby. There are also many shops on the High Road. Loughton High Road has many places to eat out and plenty of cafes available. We are located opposite Nandos’!

Our Students

The closest surrounding primary schools include Staples Road Primary, Alderton Junior School, Oak View School, Oaklands Preparatory School. Our nearest secondary schools include Roding Valley School, St John’s, Davenant Foundation,  and Debden Park. A few students come from further afield, as Loughton is on the Central Line.

We have worked with many students from all of these schools and have helped many students achieved strong SATs results, and excellent GCSEs and A-Levels. Furthermore, our pass rate for Independent school entry stands at above 90% for the two years we have been working at Loughton.

Many of the students who attend the Loughton centre for 11 plus apply to study at the three selective independent schools; Forest School Snaresbrook, Bancrofts and Chigwell. Some students who attend these independent schools also support their learning with us.

Our Loughton Tuition Classes

At Redbridge Tuition, Loughton, we offer tuition classes for both primary and secondary school children. Classes run every day except Fridays and Sundays. We are open 48 weeks of the year for primary and 44 weeks of the year for secondary classes. This ensures that students maintain a high level of consistency in their educational aims. Furthermore, it ensures that our students, especially those taking exams, have expert tutors available to guide them through.

Loughton tutors

Our Loughton tutors are specialists in their subjects and are dedicated to educating their students. They are also local to the Loughton, Chigwell, Buckhurst Hill, Debden and Epping areas because we like to work with local talent.

Rupa (KS1, KS2, 7 plus, 11 plus and KS3 English tutor) – Loughton Tutor

Even after so many years, I still love working here. No two days are the same and it is fabulous to see the children grow in confidence and blossom. For me, the best sounds in the world are, “aahh I get it now!” and “I never thought of it that way!” I love the fact that our tutors are subject specialists and are up to date with current subject knowledge and teaching methods. More importantly, they love working with children.

At Redbridge Tuition we have consciously made the decision to work as a collective, and while this brings its own challenges, it is fabulous to work with tutors who are as passionate and driven as I am in helping change the trajectory of children’s lives.

Jonathan (Independent Schools Tutor, English Tutor) – Loughton Tutor

I have been working at Redbridge Tuition for many years. I have witnessed students come through the doors and leave with greater confidence in their abilities. Some also go on to study at top universities. I have worked with students who have been written off by those around them and yet managed to gain strong results in exams. Most importantly, they leave knowing that we believe in them and with greater confidence. I have seen the power of education firsthand. The most important reason why Redbridge Tuition has become such an important springboard for success, and not merely a workplace, is that we have gathered staff who have a genuine belief that education can be transformative and that tuition – traditionally only available to the most well-off in society – is an effective and efficient process for supporting students’ educational needs, whatever their background or circumstance.

Prajay (KS2, KS3, 11 plus, Non-Verbal Reasoning specialist) – Loughton Tutor

I have been tutoring at Redbridge Tuition for many years now and what I love the most about what we do, is that we don’t just teach our students to aimlessly memorise facts and repeat sums and equations; with us children do not learn by rote. We teach them useful skills and how to apply the concepts taught to aspects of day-to-day life, as well as the most important transferable skill: problem-solving.

We do things like logic puzzles, riddles and quizzes. All of this actually gets the children excited to learn something new and perhaps even think in a different way. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere between members of staff as well as with pupils definitely helps create an environment conducive to learning. The students are happy when they understand concepts, as they feel empowered, and are especially excited when they realise that they have already seen them carried out in day-to-day life (calculating change or converting measurements for example). For us, it’s not just about getting through an exam; it’s about inspiring a love for learning and making children who often think they cannot achieve, feel more confident in their ability and realise that their ability can be actually higher than they thought.

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Our primary and secondary classes run as follows:

Primary timetable for Loughton

The Local Area

Loughton is a vibrant community, with many attractions and amenities nearby.

As we are also a homegrown business, we love to recommend fellow local businesses.

Obviously, food is an important part of life, and the area around certainly does not disappoint. If you fancy popping down to a local cafe, Gail’s is a great option. It is a baking business that started in London. Their tidy selection of pastries is extremely moreish.

Feel like a quick takeaway? Loughton also has many places where you can grab a bite to eat. We know all the best places, as when we are not working hard in the centre, we are frequenting the many eateries that you can find around the local area. For anyone in the mood for burgers and sandwiches, there is the good old Wimpy.

If you want the best steak on the high street, Greens is excellent and nearer than Miller and Carter.

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