The Top 10 Information Websites for The 11 Plus

Posted on September, 2021

The Top 10 Information Websites for The 11 Plus (in our opinion)

Top websites for 11 plus

Are you looking for information about the 11 plus exam in your area? If you are then this article will be of interest to you.

Now that it looks like there is a small light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, we have been receiving enquiries about restarting the preparation for The 11 Plus Exam.

Given that many parents will still be nervous about a completely ‘normal’ return, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of the best resources currently available.  


Google results for 11 Plus:

I typed in 11 plus into google and got the following number results: 10,260,000,000.

Even as a professional 11 plus tutor of more years than I care to mention myself, I was astounded. Now obviously not every one of those 10 billion results will be directly related to the 11 Plus Exam, but even so, it was not until page 10 that the 11 Plus Exam information started thinning out.

No wonder parents find the whole thing overwhelming!

So let’s dig a little into what is available and how much of it is actually worth looking at.

NOTE: There is no one ‘official’ website for Eleven Plus. Each of these sites is privately owned and are run as businesses.


Grammar Schools in England

There are currently 164 Grammar Schools in England and over 100 local authority districts in England. These 164 Grammar schools are in 7 (out of 33) local authorities in London and 31 out of London authorities (out of more than 100). 

Each authority uses one out of 4 Eleven Plus test models or a combination/variation of them, some examples include CSSE, CEM, GL. Grammar schools are known for consistently performing well in secondary school league tables, and therefore the preparation for the exam is in demand.

There is an overwhelming amount of resources, practice papers and private tutors available. We would advise that you be discerning about your choice of all three of these and do some research to give your child the best chance for this very competitive exam.

So, given the immense amount of information out there, we thought we would take a look at the most popular information websites and put together a list for you.

Here are my picks of the best 11 plus online learning and websites for the 11 plus.

I have split the details of these websites into 2 categories. 

The first category is websites that provide general information about the 11 plus exam. The second category is a list of websites that succinctly give information about the Eleven Plus Exam by borough.


General information about the 11 Plus Exam


  1. Oxford Owl 

Oxford owl is part of Oxford University Press (OUP) OUP is better known for the Bond books which are famous for 11 plus tests and tests for all primary school-age children. They have a huge amount of information regarding every aspect of the education system.

Just to be clear, Oxford University Press bought the JM Bond company, which was initially created by a female school teacher named Mrs Bond. She did not put her full name as it was felt that the books by a female author would not sell so well.


2. Good Schools Guide

The Good Schools Guide was established in 1986 and is a collaboration of writers, contributors and editors who have compiled an impressive amount of information on their website. The Financial Times has called it.” one of the best aids for parents.” In 2016, Ralph Lucas of The Guardian, however, described it as “the bible for middle-class school choice.”


3. The School Run

TheSchoolRun is owned and run by a team of mothers who work from home.  It is a private limited company that has been running since 2012. The information about the 11 Plus Exam is comprehensive and there is a wealth of information beyond that on this website. The 


4. Teachers to your Home

Teacher to your home began in 2015. The owner and founder is Gillian Dixon, an ex-head teacher. It is an agency that provides teachers with tuition. The information on their website is informative and well put together.


5. How to Become

How to become was established in 2005 and is a career and educational information website. This is the only website on our list that goes beyond education. It was established by Richard McmUnn a firefighter from Kent.


11 plus exam information broken down by borough


  1. is one of the oldest and most established websites for this exam. It was founded in August 2004 by Ilesh Kotecha, initially for personal use. The best feature of the website is the forum and how well that is organised.

There are resources available on there along with information about individual boroughs and their details. But then we would expect nothing less from Mr Kotecha!


The eleven plus guide focuses on selling papers. The website states they have over  20 years of experience but seems to be a very new website, so they may have previously been known under a different name. The site is very comprehensive with a mine of information for the 11 plus exam.


Created by Mark Chatterton, The 11 Plus Website provides practical advice about the 11 Plus exam. The site also offers some resources (both free and paid). Mark also offers some ebook guides for parents. Definitely worth a look.


School entrance tests are affiliated with Exam papers plus. There is not much more to say really. I think this is probably my least favourite site.


11 Plus Swot was created by Tim, a software developer when he wrote an online 11 plus test for his son. This was one of the first online test offerings for the 11 plus and now provides a comprehensive set of information and resources for the eleven plus exam.

There are of course many more out there, but from our research, these are some of the most comprehensive information websites currently available. We can see that these websites have been established for a long time, but as there is no one centralised place from where information about the exam is drawn, it is time-consuming to put together information. For that reason, please ensure that you double-check on the relevant local authority/consortium for the most up to date information.


I know that I would provide 10 websites, but there is one website that is a must-visit for all prospective grammar school parents.

After all, what is one more between friends!


The National Grammar Schools Association

As you would expect, the NGSA is a very pro grammar school organisation. It is a non-profit and non-political organisation that is active as well as vocal.

For all parents who are thinking of entering their child for any 11 plus exam, this is a must-visit website for the latest information about grammar schools.

Question: How do I know which is the best one from all of the above? 

Answer: There is no 1 size fits all. You need to take a look at them and decide what suits you and your child best.

If you are still not sure and would like further information, or would like to collaborate with us as a franchise, then please do not hesitate to contact us, or visit us.

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