Latymer School – About

Latymer is a selective co-educational grammar school, located in Edmonton, North London. The school prides itself on its diverse and wide-ranging community, with over 1,350 students of different cultures, beliefs and religions. Furthermore, the school strives for outstanding academic performance, with great results each year paying testament to the passionate and experienced staff, who help create a great learning environment. In addition to academic focus, Latymer also places importance on social and emotional enrichment through its wealth of extracurricular opportunities. This helps pupils develop into balanced and conscientious individuals when they leave the school.


Latymer School – Essential Information

Address: Haselbury Rd, London N9 9TN

Phone number: 0208 807 4037

Students admitted at 11+: 192 students

Admissions email:

Fees: N/A

Link to website:


Latymer School was established in 1624 as a result of a bequest of Edward Latymer, who designated part of his wealth to fund the education and livelihoods of young children in Edmonton. Further bequests were made, including that of John Wild in 1662, who donated £4 per annum for the maintenance of a schoolmaster and a poor scholar at Cambridge. Another bequest was made by Thomas Style in 1679, of £20 per annum for the education of 20 poor boys. As such, the school began to grow in number over the next centuries. The school then moved into its current location in the early 1900s, when the previous building in Church Street became unsuitable for the growing school. Additional buildings have been added to the site, including new sports and dining complexes.


GCSEs in 2022

Percentage of grades
Grades 8-9 77%
Grades 7-9 91.6%
Grades 5-9

A Levels in 2022

Percentage of Grades
Grades A*-A 69%
Grades A*-B


The school has an 11+ entrance examination, using GL Assessment’s verbal reasoning and mathematics tests.

Format Mostly MCQ
Layout Whole paper
Separate Answer Sheet Yes for MCQ
Creative writing No (Note that Latymer has its separate English paper which requires creative writing)
Timing Usually 45 mins per paper

Latymer School – Entrance exam

The school entrance exams consist of three main parts:

  • GL assessment
    • Maths section
    • Verbal reasoning section
  • English Paper

Papers for practice:

Maths and Verbal reasoning

11+ Maths and Verbal reasoning samples


11+ English Specimen Papers