The Art of Writing: Why It’s Important

division method bus stop

Division Methods for Primary School

What is Division? Division is the action of separating something into smaller parts. It is one of the four operations in maths and is the…

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Girl writes essay paper research desk

Your Ultimate Guide to Writing Amazing Essays

What is an Essay? An essay is a written piece of writing that is designed to illustrate an idea to a reader and discuss and…

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children reading in a park

Why Reading is so Crucial for Your Child’s Development

Reading is a crucial skill that has been an integral part of human history. It is an essential tool for education, personal development, and cultural…

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11 plus mock exams

What parents need to know about 11 plus mock exams!

Introduction The 11 Plus exam is an important milestone for many students in the UK, as it is used as a selective entrance exam for…

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Teachers in the classroom with children

Teachers – Overworked and Underpaid?

Teaching is undoubtedly one of the most challenging professions, requiring a unique combination of knowledge, skills, and dedication. In the United Kingdom, teachers are responsible…

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homework - Girl clutches head

Homework: How beneficial is it for your child?

Homework – Introduction Homework is one of the most controversial subjects. Parents often ask us how much homework should a student receive, or whether they…

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money book

The Best Books on Investing

iThe Best Books on Investing Investing may seem terrifying. You might be thinking that it is something that only the rich, powerful, financially and mathematically…

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Children learning in a classroom

A Day in the Life of an English Tutor

If you’ve ever been interested in becoming an English tutor, or you’re simply looking for insight into what they do on a day-by-day basis, then…

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Fun But Useless Facts

Fun (but useless) Facts!

Some facts to keep you learning We’ve combined lots of fun (but potentially useless!) facts for you. How many of these did you already know?…

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