GCSE Biology (Key Stage 4)

What is biology?

The word biology is thought to be derived from the word bios, a Greek word meaning life. 

The study of biology can be split into: 

(a) physiology (living systems)

(b) botany (plants) 

(c) zoology (animals). 


Although that is not how it is split in the National Curriculum, by the end of year 11, all 3 have been covered extensively.


Biology in schools:

Biology is taught from year 1 all the way through to GCSE. The three sciences are not split until KS3. Until then they are simply taught as science. Every year group has a specific set of topics that are taught.


Below is an example of topics likely covered by each year group. At GCSE, there will be a variance depending on the exam board.

Primary Biology
Years 1 and 2 Plants.



Year 3 Plants.

Animals and their habitats.

Year 4 Living things and their habitats.

Animals including humans.

Year 5 Living things and their habitats.

Animals including humans.

Year 6 Living things and their habitats.

Animals including humans.

Evolution and inheritance.

Year 7 Animals and their environment.


Food chains.

Year 8 Photosynthesis and respiration.

Reproduction and growth.


Year 9 Cell biology.

Biological molecules.

Organisation and digestion


Year 10 Key concepts in biology.

Cells and control.

Natural selection and genetic modification.


Year 11 Reproduction.

DNA inheritance and evolution.

Ecology and human influences.


How can Redbridge Tuition help?

At Redbridge Tuition our classes are tutor-led and topic-based. The classes are run in small groups. The work is also written in-house by subject specialists who have studied biology in universities such as Cambridge, University College and Imperial College. They, therefore, have deep knowledge of the subject.


This means that we are able to cover the curriculum thoroughly in a relaxed but focussed environment, designed for deep learning. It gives each student the opportunity to ask questions that they may perhaps hesitate in asking in school.

Each student will come home with a Redbridge Tuition booklet of the biology topic they were taught in the lesson. This will contain notes, explanations and questions they need to complete for homework.

There is a choice of weekday or weekend classes available. Please contact us on 0800 228 9779 or


Our biology tutors:

The tutors at Redbridge Tuition are subject specialists. Our biology tutors are undergraduates and postgraduates whose speciality subject is biology. 

All our tutors are also accredited by Redbridge Tuition.


How can I help my child at home?

For primary school children, rather than just put them in front of books, the best way to help is to do practical things. Click on the link for a few examples of some practical ways of learning about biology at home:

Video and take photos of your experiments and tag us in them so we can see how you did! #redbridgetuition @redbridgetuition

For secondary school children, if you are confident in teaching the topics, we would recommend that you use the BBC bitesize website to help you.


Some of the topics to cover are :

  • Cells and DNA
  • Classification
  • Food Chains/Webs
  • Nutrient Cycles
  • Plants, trees  and fungi
  • Pollination
  • Types of Invertebrates/vertebrates
  • The Human Body (organs and systems)


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