Online Tuition during COVID

Classes are running virtually until we can reopen

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Let’s face it. 2021 has started with a bang, but definitely not the sort of bang that most people had hoped for- lockdown (number 3), uncertainty about the time scale for “normality” and therefore ever-greater general uncertainty, children being taught online again (after 1 day back in school) and exams cancelled.

Chances are that exams will be replaced this year with teacher assessments and coursework. So it is ever more important that children do not lag behind and show consistent improvement throughout the year. With many schools struggling more and more, children seem to be finding it more challenging and frustrating than ever to make the progression they are capable of.

If you find your child is in this position, or you simply want additional support for your child, then reach out to us.

We provide help for students who are lagging behind in their biology, chemistry or physics GCSE modules as well as maths and English for both primary and Secondary schools.

We work in year groups and go through the National Curriculum topics and our tutors are subject specialists.

Anyone interested in finding out how we can help, especially during the lockdown, please email or call 0800 228 9779.

Please see the available classes on the timetables below:

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