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CEM 11 Plus Mock Exams available for purchase (PDFs)

Why choose Redbridge Tuition Mock Exams?

We are highly experienced in delivering 11 plus mock exams in the CEM, GL, Essex and Independent schools format. Based on the Redbridge, we fully adopt the CEM, GL and Essex methods to ensure that every child receives the highest level of preparation for the 11+ entrance exams. RTG 11+ CEM Mock Exams,11+ GL Mock Exams and 11+ Essex Mock Exams are a fantastic way to prepare your child for 11+ entrance exams or common entrance exams.

As close to the real 11 + CEM, GL, Essex and Independent schools tests as is possible:

Redbridge Tuition’s mock exam test papers contain questions which are expected to be of a similar style and level of difficulty to the questions on the real 11+ tests. Our mock exams include a range of Verbal Reasoning (including English comprehension and vocabulary), Numerical Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning questions in various formats.

We will provide parents with accurate and detailed feedback, as well as recommendations, and also include the child’s ranking. The children will also have the opportunity to talk to a tutor about their exam papers.

How we can help:

  • Our papers are written in-house by professional tutors and writers who have an in-depth knowledge of the 11+ content and exams.

  • We conduct extensive research to ensure that our 11+ mock exams reflect the style of questions, format & process carried out in the real 11+ exams.

  • The mock exams prepare children for the real exam – (In most cases, this is the first time your child will sit such a formal exam).

  • Our mock exams help to alleviate any nerves or fears early on so that they can learn to focus on tackling the exam in a calm and composed manner.

  • The mock exams show the current level of ability under test conditions – You will receive a confidential (detailed) ranking which demonstrates your child’s current level of ability in relation to other children sitting the exam.

  • Every 11 plus mock exam is different and increases in difficulty – Each 11+ mock exam gradually increases in difficulty in the lead up to the real 11+ exam, ensuring the highest level of preparation.

  • Redbridge Tuiiton’s 11 plus mock exams are suitable practice for all grammar and Independent schools entrance exams.

Please note that the test papers are not released.

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