One-to-One Tuition

Most of our sessions take place in small groups but we do offer one-to-one sessions which take place either in-store or via a video call. There are a limited number of one-to-one slots available each week.

At Redbridge Tuition we pride ourselves in making sure that we offer the most suitable tuition for your child’s needs. The majority of our classes are in small groups. However, there are occasions when that is not suitable. Our one-to-one tuition covers all eventualities where group tuition is either not suitable, or not desired.

What is one-to-one tuition?

One-to-one tuition is where a tutor works only with one child at a time. This one-to-one support is sometimes given in school when a child requires additional help. Often this is given during extended school hours or in holiday clubs in school.

Parents often prefer that their child receive one-to-one tuition as they feel their child will progress more quickly than group tuition.

How effective is one-to-one tuition?

There is evidence to suggest that one-to-one tuition can be effective over short periods of time.

Maximum Impact has been shown when delivering regular sessions of around 30 minutes three to five times a week over approximately 12 weeks. However, this has been shown to be most effective when linked with normal teaching/tutoring sessions.

What are the costs?

The cost of one-to-one tuition can vary greatly depending on a tutor’s ability, experience, professionalism and location. One-to-one sessions with one of our tutors range from £42 to £48 per hour. Two-to-one sessions are £32 per hour per child.

How can I decide if this is right for my child?

There are several things to consider before deciding on one-to-one tuition.

There is some evidence that tuition in small groups delivers similar benefits to one-to-one tuition at a lower cost.

  1. Why do I want one-to-one tuition rather than small group tuition classes?

  2. How will I be able to judge his/her progress?

  3. Are these additional lessons alongside regular tuition?

  4. How long do I need this tuition for?

  5. How will I ensure that my child can work independently after the one-to-one classes are over?

  6. Do I have the right tutor?

  7. How will I support my child after the one-to-one tuition is over?

  8. How qualified is the tutor?

  9. What plan has the tutor put in place for maximum progress?

  10. Can I afford it?


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