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Why Redbridge Tuition 11 Plus Mock Exams?

Redbridge Tuition 11+ mock exams are a fantastic way to prepare your child for 11+ entrance exams. Many students have taken our exams and found the experience to be helpful and real preparation.

Our mock exams are open to any student who needs that vital experience before the real exam. We have a huge amount of experience in delivering 11 plus mock exams in the CEM, GL, Essex and Independent schools formats. In addition, we have many additional services that can help students reach their potential.

How we can help:

  • Professional tutors and writers create our exam paper in-house.

  • All writers an in-depth knowledge of the 11 plus content and exams.

  • We ensure that our 11 plus mock exams reflect the style of questions, format & process.

  • Our mock exams also help to reduce anxiety for the real exam.

  • The mock exams show the current level of ability under test conditions.

  • Every 11 plus mock exam is different to ensure the highest level of preparation.

  • Redbridge Tuition’s 11 plus mock exams are suitable for all grammar school exams.

A Realistic 11 Plus Exam Experience

Our mock exams include:

Note: the balance of tested components will vary from paper to paper.

Whether your an internal student or external, we aim to provide unbeatable feedback and aftercare.

Furthermore, we will provide parents with accurate and detailed feedback, as well as recommendations. The children also will have the opportunity to talk to a tutor about their exam papers.

We can, in addition, recommend further resources for home practice, offer holiday courses and classes to help support children in their learning. These actions ensure that each child receives the highest level of preparation for the 11+ entrance exams.

CEM 11 Plus Mock Exams available for purchase (PDFs)

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