Online Classes During Coronavirus

Due to the crisis, our centres are currently closed according to government guidelines. We are currently running remote virtual classes online.
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Online Classes

Learning doesn't stop, so neither do we.

Continue face to face sessions from your own home.

Here are a couple of points before the FAQs to clear away any question you may have:

  • All classes are video conferences

  • All classes have been allocated to cause minimum disruption

  • If you have any queries, please email us on

  • All calls are being diverted to a member of staff but due to the nature of the transition, we may not always be able to answer.


We understand that everyone is facing difficult times and that you may have a list of questions.

To help with this we have put together a list of FAQ’s:


How do I join a class?

First, ensure that you have joined our monthly subscription package, we have a range of packages to meet the educational needs of every child. Once you are on our registers, you will receive an email with your child's time table and a link to the calendar. To join our online sessions, find your child’s session on the calendar and simply click on the link provided in the event. This should take you to the ‘Google Hangouts’ page, where you will be able to join the session. One of our tutors will be there waiting to receive your child for their lesson.


Which browser should I use for online lessons?

The platform we have chosen to use for our transition to online lessons is Google Hangouts. The benefit of using this application is that it works across all web browsers and smart devices. If you are using a phone or tablet you will need to download the Google Hangouts app.


The GCSE’s are cancelled. Is there any point in my child continuing?

Although the GCSE’s have been cancelled this summer, the government has advised that if you are not satisfied with the predicted grades awarded, there is the option to sit the exams early in the new academic year (September / October) or you can choose to sit the exam in summer 2021. Ultimately, this gives us more time to work with your child to ensure they achieve the maximum grade possible.


Is the 11 plus going ahead?

Yes. According to Redbridge Council: 11 Plus registration for Ilford County High School for boys and Woodford County High School for girls starting September 2021 will open on Wednesday 1 May 2020 and close at 5 pm on Wednesday 24 June 2020. You can only register for the 11 Plus test between the registration opening and closing dates. It is not possible to register before or after these dates. The exam will take place on Saturday 12 September 2020.


Are the SATS going ahead?

The cancellation of school exams in May and June 2020 has been announced by the Prime Minister, on 18 March 2020. We will keep you informed with further information about what that means for Y2 children and indeed KS1 SATs in the future as it becomes available.


How will I receive feedback?

Parents and carers will receive regular feedback regarding feedback for their child/children via email.


Will my child get homework?

Tutors will share our weekly packs via a link. As usual, homework is to finish off anything not finished in class as well as anything else the tutor decides to set.


What happens if my child misses a lesson?

If your child misses a class the same rules apply. You are welcome to make up the missed session within two weeks.


How can I access the work?

Tutors will share our weekly packs via a link. They will also share their screens in order to show explanations and questions. Virtual whiteboards may also be used on screen. 


What does my child need to have with them?

Your child should have the usual stationery (pen, pencil, ruler etc) as well as an exercise book to write in.


Can siblings sit in on the class?

Unfortunately, siblings who are not currently on our registers, may not be part of the sessions, or ‘sit in’ as they will become a distraction for each other and not be able to follow along with the tutors. Additionally, tutors have been informed of the expected number of children, ability levels and expectations, any deterrence from this could cause delays and misunderstanding between staff and pupils and ultimately hinder your child's’ progress. 


Can a parent sit in on the class?

As with the classes in the centre, parents are not permitted to sit in on their child’s sessions as the classes will be hosting other children and this presents as a Safeguarding issue. Additionally, having any parent present dramatically impacts on the dynamics of the class and the lesson being taught.


What equipment will I need to take part in the online sessions?

You will not need any specialist equipment to take part in the online sessions. You can use any laptop, computer or smart device to join the lessons. If you do choose to use a smart device (tablets and smartphones), you will need to download ‘Hangouts’. This is a free app available on both Android and iOS devices, via the App Store and Google Play.



Will my child be able to concentrate as this is online?

All tutors have packs to work through, that has been carefully put together to meet the needs of every child. Rest assured, all lessons have been adapted to ensure all children are fully engaged and motivated to participate with class content. 


How will tutors check their work?

Children’s work will be monitored through the screen along with any misconceptions that arise throughout the lesson. In addition, tutors will occasionally administer summative assessments to track progress and ensure lessons meet the needs of all children.

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