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Exam Preparation


Whether you just want a few sessions for quick confidence-boosting, help with specific units or topics, revision support just before exams or a more extended programme to secure a better grade in a subject, at Redbridge Tuition, we can help.

We offer exam prep for all major exams as well as general tuition.


Whatever stage or subject your child is at currently, there are three key factors for a successful academic life:

  1. Deep subject knowledge

  2. Good revision practices

  3. Understanding exam techniques


This is where Redbridge Tuition, can help your child attain all three keys to help them achieve their potential:

  • Deep subject knowledge: our programmes are designed to break down topics in a way that makes them accessible to every child. Our ongoing assessments make sure that every child gains a good foundation for topics in order that they can confidently progress to the next step.

  • Good revision practices: we will work with children to guide them in the best way to revise what they have learnt with us. Our work is set out in a way that means that they will feel empowered rather than overwhelmed.

  • Understanding exam techniques: the new curriculum is linear. That means that almost all of the marks are gained through the final exam. Understanding the best way to approach and tackle an exam is a skill not really taught in schools, yet it is paramount to attaining the maximum number of marks. At Redbridge Tuition, we will talk through and practice (in detail) with students the best way to tackle any exam they sit. It is not the same for every person, so we will discuss the best technique for each child. This is something that has proved to be very successful in achieving great results!


At Redbridge Tuition, we offer the following exam preparation:

Independent schools:


Grammar schools:


State schools:



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