The Redbridge 11 Plus Exam – A Short but Informative Guide

Posted on July, 2021

The Redbridge 11 Plus Exam

The Redbridge 11  Plus Exam is a very competitive exam. Whilst the 2 grammar schools are not super-selective schools, they are nonetheless one of the most coveted places in London if not the country.

As a tutor, I would say that we get in the main, three types of parents who are interested in the Redbridge 11 Plus Exam:

  • Parents who want to get their child into grammar school at any cost
  • Parents who regard grammar school as the cheaper option to independent schools and therefore want their child to try for admission
  • Parents who want to make sure that the school culture is right for their child

Of course, there are many, many parents who do not consider the 11 plus exam as any sort of option- necessary or otherwise, but here I am talking about the parents who are interested in the eleven plus.

Schools in Redbridge

The London Borough of Redbridge is in the North East of London and has an area of just under 22 square miles. It has a total of 78 primary schools and 28 secondary schools. The majority of these are standard secondary schools, but there are 2 grammar schools; a boys grammar school (Ilford County – click here for their website) and a girls grammar school (Woodford County – click here for their website).

Overall, Redbridge schools perform quite well at Key Stage 4, with 60% of children achieving grade 5 or above at GCSE English compared to a national average of 43%  in all state-funded schools in England. Even with those impressive statistics, there are still some Redbridge secondary schools who are below the national average, although, thankfully, not too many.

These 2 schools offer a total of 360 places (180 in each school) every year.

Academic Records

If your child takes the Redbridge 11 plus exam and is successful, you can expect that standards will generally be high, and a lot will be expected.

Both Ilford County and Woodford County, have posted excellent academic results in both GCSEs and A-Levels.

Below are results for the GCSEs in 2019 (the last full set of exams):

Ilford County GCSE results 2019
Ilford County GCSE results 2019


The number of grade 9s in mathematics is particularly impressive. The science results too are exceptional. It is, however, evident that there is left emphasis placed upon the humanities, although Ilford County has been trying to provide a more balanced offering to its students in recent years. I think that it is quite concerning that Ilford has a few entrants who have achieved below 4s in certain subjects, considering the breadth of  talent at their disposal.

Woodford County has less transparent statistics than Ilford County in terms of exam results for 2019, but there is no legal requirement for schools to share results openly.

Woodford County Exam results 2019 GCSE
Woodford County Exam results 2019 GCSE


The percentage of students attaining 9-7 is particularly impressive.

A school is more than just its results, but considering that the percentage of students in London achieving grades 4-9 is 68%, both schools achieve far above expectations. Granted, they both take the cream of the crop in terms of exam performance.

A little history of the grammar schools:

Here is a little about the history of the 2 grammar schools and their ethos:

Ilford_County_High_School_logoIlford County High School for Boys

Ilford County High school was founded in 1901 and was originally called Park Higher Grade School, hence the Alumni are known as Parkonians. Among the many famous names to have attended the school are Sir Trevor Brooking (footballer), Varun Chopra (Essex County Cricketer), Christopher Kite (director of The GuildHall school of music) and many more.

The school moved to its current premises in 1935. The building is set on the roundabout at Freemantle road. It is a majestic building in the standard quad shape of most grammar schools. The original building now serves as a Teachers’ Centre.

Woodford County High School for GirlsWoodford_County_High_School

Woodford County High School opened in 1919 and was originally set in Highams Manor in Highams Park. The impressive building with its tall columns and stables was built in 1768. This building later became a hospital where Florence Nightingale worked and even later, accommodation for Winston Churchill during the second world war.

Useless fact: There is a Woodford County High school in Kentucky USA. There was controversy a few years ago when a student was sent home for wearing inappropriate uniform- the girl was showing her collar bone!

The Redbridge 11 Plus Exam

On average there is 1 place allocated for every 13 children who sit the exam. This is quite high compared to Reading in Berkshire which also has 2 grammar schools: Kendrick, which is a girls school and Reading, which is a boys school. These 2 schools offer a total of 266 places compared to the 360 in Redbridge. For every 1 place in Redbridge, there are under 14 applications compared to just over 12 applications in Reading.

So you can see that competition is fierce.

General School Information

Ilford County High School (Boys)

Fremantle Road






020 8551 6496


Woodford County High School (Girls)

High Road,

Woodford Green,





020 8504 0611

Ilford County Grammar School Open Day Woodford County Grammar School Open Day Admissions Policy 2022 for both schools

Now to the bare bones:

Redbridge Grammar School Admissions 

Redbridge Council runs the admissions as well as the test. There is no information available on either grammar school website except to refer you to Redbridge Council.

The Redbridge 11 Plus Exam This Year (2021)

For some reason, this year, The Redbridge 11 plus Exam is on the same day as the CSSE Consortium 11 plus exam, meaning that you will have to choose. There is no explanation given by Redbridge council except the following:

Please be advised: This year the two Redbridge Grammar schools will no longer be participating in the test normally shared with the following schools:

  • Gloucestershire Grammars (7 schools)
  • Slough Consortium (4 schools)
  • Reading School (leaving this year)
  • Kendrick School
  • Chelmsford County High School
  • Heckmondwike Grammar School
  • Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School
  • Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Penrith
  • Trafford CEM Consortium (currently 4 schools going to 5 this year)

As candidates registered to sit the test for Redbridge grammar schools will sit a different test from those schools listed above, the test scores will not be comparable so results will not be shared with these schools.

The test is still CEM. Redbridge Council has stated the following:

“We are participating in a different CEM test ‘group’ for the 11+ selection test from this year.” They have stated they will confirm the schools as soon as they can.

Redbridge 11 Plus Past Papers

The exam is a CEM MCQ paper that covers verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, maths and English. Redbridge does not provide past papers. Rather there is a familiarisation paper that they have on their Eleven Plus page. Please note:  at the time of writing Redbridge has not uploaded the familiarisation paper for the 2022 entry. 

For further information, please contact:

Redbridge Borough Council

Tel: 0208 708 3562 / 0208 708 3140


The Redbridge 11 Plus Exam Information for entry in 2022

The information was correct at the time of writing. Please check with Redbridge Council for any updates.

Exam Type CEM (part of University of Durham) see above for familiarisation booklet
Test Date Saturday 18 September 2021.
Test Location Ilford County and Woodford County Schools
No of applications for 2021 entry Ilford County                    1,257

Woodford County           1,341

Scores of 104 or more

for 2021 entry

Ilford County                    397

Woodford County           451

PASS MARK None. The top 180 scores are admitted for each school. 
RESULTS September 2021
ALLOCATIONS 2nd March 2022

11 scores (source registration stats)

Score  ICHS WCHS Grand Total
Scored 104 or more 397  451 848
Scored less than 104 or did not turn up 860  890 1750
Grand Total  1257 1341  2598

Redbridge 11 Plus Practice Papers 

As already stated, There are no past papers available but you can buy practice papers based on the CEM exam format:

CEM Set 1 Mock Exams


For more information regarding the Redbridge 11+, feel free to visit one of our centres or get in touch.

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