Forest 2020 English Sample Paper and Mark Scheme


This is the Question Paper and Mark Scheme for the Forest 2020 English Sample Paper. The mark scheme was created by Redbridge Tuition.


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Forest 11+ 2020 English Sample Paper with Mark Scheme

This is a downloadable version of the Forest 11+ 2020 English Sample Paper, with the mark scheme. The Mark Scheme was made by Redbridge Tuition.

There are three main reasons to take mock exams before the real exams:

1 – To gain familiarity

Students are usually not used to taking exams where sections are individually timed. Furthermore, even though questions are designed to be in line with the National Curriculum, they may be worded or presented in a manner that students are not used to.

2 – To identify any weaknesses

Practice exams are useful because they allow parents and teachers to discover if there are any areas of significant weakness. It is, therefore, a valuable exercise to review papers carefully with students to establish any underlying issues in foundational knowledge.

3 – To experience exam pressure

One of the main reasons students underperform in the real exam is that they experience great anxiety on the day of the exam. Practising mock exams can help students deal with pressure on the day. Some anxiety may surface on the day, however, the chance is that it will be significantly reduced with greater familiarity.