The Beyond Non-Verbal Reasoning Series


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Beyond Non-Verbal Reasoning

Are you preparing your child for the 11 Plus?

Non-Verbal Reasoning is a key component of the exams and it is crucial

that every student is prepared for the challenges of the exam.

Help them build their skills using our Beyond Reasoning series.

Pass the 11 Plus

with our Unique Series!

Go Beyond

Non-Verbal Reasoning!


Our Beyond Series Includes:

  • Targeted questions for exam practice
  • Full explanations that are easy to understand
  • Answers included in the back of the books
  • Test papers in book 2 
  • Performance charts designed to help you gauge progress


Does the Beyond Series Work?


We’ve use our books in our reasoning sessions.

The results speak for themselves.

Every year, more than 80% of our students pass the 11 Plus!

Give your child the best chance.

Why did we Develop the Beyond Non-Verbal Reasoning Series?


We found that there was nothing available on the market that both taught the skills necessary to build confidence in non-verbal reasoning, and provided adequate question practice.

That’s what drove us towards the path of creating our own content, and the birth of the Beyond Non-Verbal Reasoning series.

It took a lot of hard work and a lot of research to write these books, but it was always a labour of love. It was always our aim to write books that could help our students achieve success in the 11 plus.

We have been using our books in our tuition practice and have seen our 11 plus students flourish.


Beyond Non-Verbal Reasoning Foundation


Our foundation book is book 1.

This book includes written explanations for how to approach each question type.

The explanation breaks each question type down into a simple step-by-step method, which helps every child approach questions with confidence.

All questions come with a mark scheme and a self-assessment.



NVR Book 1 symmetry

Beyond Non-Verbal Reasoning Advanced


Our advanced book is book 2.

The advanced series is designed to work together with the foundation series.

This book goes heavy on question practice, with 40 questions for each topic.

Three complete test papers are also included, so students are not short of timed practice.


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