The Amateur Investor’s Path to Wealth


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The Amateur Investor’s Path to Wealth was written to provide the necessary knowledge about the workings of markets to help the amateur investor navigate the often mystifying world of finance.

Wealth building is something that we often avoid talking about in the UK.

This book is my attempt to condense my many years as a disciplined and active investor in one place.

I teach you about the things you need to know about markets and condense each lesson down into manageable sections.

Building wealth and becoming a disciplined investor is more than just an exercise in making yourself rich.

It is a spiritual journey. 

No aspect of your being will be left unaffected by the way your mindset will alter over time.

Your relationships will change.

You will see everything differently.

The amateur investor’s chances of growing his or her wealth is greater than ever! Wall Street cannot offer you any secret formula that will guarantee your chances of success.

The amateur investor’s potential is actually greater than the professional’s as his or her vision is unclouded by the tunnel vision and hype that dogs the ‘so-called’ professional.

Think about Peter Lynch‘s famous adage:

“If you find a stock with little or no institutional ownership, you’ve found a potential winner. Find a company that no analyst has ever visited, or that no analyst would admit to knowing about, and you’ve got a double winner. When I talk to a company that tells me the last analyst showed up three years ago, I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. It frequently happens with banks, savings-and-loans, and insurance companies, since there are thousands of these and Wall Street only keeps up with fifty to one hundred.”
― Peter Lynch, One Up On Wall Street: How To Use What You Already Know To Make Money In

With only the most basic skills in mathematics, dedication and consistency, you can set your family up for life, achieve financial freedom, and avoid the often onerous fees imposed by professional fund managers.

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