11 Plus Holiday Courses

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“The 11 plus holiday courses have been

crucial to the success of my son’s 11+ exams.

He was able to clear all the grammar

and private school exams he sat for.”

Excel at the 11 plus

by joining our 4 day

11 Plus Holiday Courses!


Students attend the 11 Plus Holiday Courses to:

  • Gain confidence in their subject knowledge
  • Improve their performance under timed-conditions
  • Learn the art of taking an exams and master question types
  • Learn the tips and tricks needed to maximise their success
  • Build their competitive nature

How serious are you about passing the exam?

Every little counts and your child is up against many students who are highly-intelligent, and prepared.

Successful entry for grammar and independent schools takes a lot of dedication and cannot be overestimated.

Is your child ready?

Going the extra mile is almost always necessary for success.

You don’t want your child to go in underprepared.


11 Plus Holiday Courses teachingAbout the Course

Our 11 plus holiday courses are designed for children to learn in a fun atmosphere.

No two courses have the same content and each course will revise, refine and reinforce a set of skills taught in class.

Elements such as exam techniques and timing often don’t get the attention they require.

During these sessions we go through full 11+ papers and mock exams, do quizzes and other interactive activities to make the learning experience more effective and enjoyable (to the point where the children often don’t want to leave!) as well as cover exam techniques.

All this is crucial for 11 plus success.

Personalised and genuine feedback will be given after each session as well as at the end of the week. We are here to help you smoothly navigate through your child’s 11 plus journey.


11 Plus Holiday Course Information

The 11 plus holiday courses run from 10 am to 1 pm.

The course takes place at our Seven Kings Centre at 43 Meads Lane, Ilford, Essex, IG3 8QL

Ensure that your child brings in a snack and a drink, and lets us know of any allergies etc before the course starts.

Note: The course fees are non-refundable.

We are OFSTED Registered.


The Eleven Plus Exam: Secrets of Success

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