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Are Phones Being Banned in School?

There has been a lot of talk recently about phones and their place in the classroom and schools in general. Over 2000 schools in America have already banned phones in schools. Is the U.K. set to follow? How will it be policed?

Edited by Andrew Fraiser: https://ajeditor.com/

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Why not grab Some Education Loungewear?

New Frontiers in Life and Learning

One of the reasons we started Redbridge Tuition and The Education Lounge Podcast is because we believe that education, in its current form, is insufficient for the vast majority of students.

Why Podcast?

We think that this medium is ideal for showcasing our opinions. While everyone in our team is passionate about education, we must capture the wide range of thinking that runs throughout the organisation.

Although Redbridge Tuition has many shared values, we are also individuals. We want to share the ideas of the fantastic people who work with us, the clients who use our services, as well as others who can add value.

In our podcast, we want to talk frankly on many topics. Many of these topics will centre around learning, but we do not want to limit discussion, so we are open to discussing other topics. Most of all, we want this podcast to be forward-thinking, personal, and informative. We will explore issues that are political, technological, ethical and related to the method and practice of teaching.

We also run a blog if you want readable content!


Naturally, we are excited to work with outside parties interested in having their voices heard, so do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to get involved or let us know if there are certain issues you would like us to cover on the show.

Thanks for listening.

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