Our Processes

Tuition at its best. At Redbridge Tuition we do things differently. If you want your child to catch up in school, keep up in school, or you want your child to get ahead in school or prepare for exams, then contact a specialist at Redbridge Tuition.

our processes

our processes

Stage 1: Initial Assessment

• Initial assessment

When you join Redbridge Tuition, the first thing we do is carry out an assessment. This is the first time we are doing any work with your child. This initial assessment helps us identify if there are any gaps in learning and what those gaps are. It also gives us an indication of how your child expresses themselves.

• Initial feedback

You will receive a full report, written by one of our experienced tutors with detailed information on strengths as well as weaknesses for each of the subjects, followed by a phone call to talk through the assessments, as well as answer any questions you may have.

• Class choices

We offer an after school weekdays option and a weekend option for each subject, so there is always a class to suit any busy schedule.

our processes

Stage 2: Settling In

• Settling in and ongoing formative assessment

In our experience, it generally takes a child 4 to 6 weeks of continuous attendance before they feel truly settled in. During this period you will often find there are unanswered questions. Your child’s tutor will be more than happy to answer these.

• Building an understanding of every student.

During the settling in period, the tutor child relationship will establish and the tutor will get to know every child individually. They will get to know things like your child’s confidence when speaking up in sessions, for example, in asking questions when they do not understand or disagree on a point.

our processes

Stage 3: Deep Learning

• Engaging

Our sessions usually begin and end with a game, puzzle or quiz which the students love. These brain puzzles and quizzes help to keep the students engaged and makes them excited to learn new things. It breaks up the monotony of just learning facts and concepts for long periods of time. After all, we are working with children, so fun is important.

• Developing understanding

All deep learning comes through repetition but is not inspiring. Repetition doesn’t help to inspire a lifelong love for learning, especially in children. It can be boring! What works better, is if this is personalised or made relatable to a person’s own life. So our sessions are designed to help students to deeply understand concepts and their uses rather than only learning facts and using repetition.

• Inspiring

If you ask anyone, they will always have one educator in their life that they will remember with huge fondness. Very often they will say, ‘that person changed how I thought about things, or ‘that person changed my life’. At Redbridge Tuition, our aim is to be that educator.

We want to inspire every child that touches our lives. We do this by being caring and enthusiastic about what we deliver. Any criticism is always constructive and positive. Every tutor will listen to the child’s point of view and will acknowledge their contribution.

our processes

Stage 4: Moving Forward

• Reassessing and Feedback

We record and track your child’s progress throughout the year. As your child progresses during their time with us, we will share their progress with you. At the end of every session, the tutor will give brief verbal feedback to the parent. If you would like to have a longer discussion with your child’s tutor for any reason you can book in a time to come in and do so.

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