A Tuition Franchise Opportunity Like No Other!

Your Aspirations


Believe that education can be better?


Want to lead and inspire others?


Aspire to work in a lucrative, growing market?

If any of these questions connect with you, a Redbridge Tuition franchise may be for you.

We are offering the chance to form a close partnership with an experienced management team dedicated to helping you achieve success in your business and life goals.

If you desire to work in the flourishing education industry, gain financial independence while helping young people improve their chances of future success, then this is the opportunity.

Our Story

Planting Seeds

Following a banking career for over 20 years, Rupa is now a successful entrepreneur.

Her passion for teaching began while working at Citibank. She joined a lunchtime programme that worked with local schools to work with reluctant readers. After seeing the difference an 8-week lunchtime Reading Programme in a local school could make, she decided to change careers and retrain as a teacher.

Unfortunately, personal circumstances at the very end of her PGCE meant that she could not go into teaching, but still wanted to work with children. A friend asked Rupa to tutor her child in maths, and so the journey began.
She is the founder and director of The Hunnypot Day Nursery Ltd. and Redbridge Tuition Limited.

Sprouting Roots

As she began to see how she could have an impact on a child's literacy. She realised that education was her calling. She enrolled in a Primary PGCE (post-graduate certificate in education) course and began working towards her qualification.

Sadly, with just two weeks to go, she was unable to complete her qualification owing to the untimely illness and subsequent passing of her husband.

She realised however, that she could still use everything that she had learnt during her PCGE course to continue helping young people, especially those who were going for 11 plus and independent school exams. As her reputation grew as a private tutor, she knew that there was an opportunity to reach more students but that she could not do it alone.

Budding Ambitions

Her son, Prajay, and his friend Jonathan, started to get more involved in teach and publishing in-house material. Our company became known as RTG Tuition Limited (Redbridge Tuition Group), and we started broadening our scope as previous tutees from grammar schools, independent schools and state schools requested GCSE tuition.

Students and parents responded well to our in-house teaching material, the friendly atmosphere , and the way we deliver our classes. We were able to our first tuition centre in Seven Kings.


Eventually, we started to expand our team to include more specialist tutors and teachers to help a great range of students. More products and services were slowly introduced such as 11 Plus Mock Exams and Holiday Courses.

We decided that we needed to make a significant change in our design to attract a greater range of clients, make everyone feel safe and at home, and project our fun and playful image.

Our signature blue colours and icons, along with many other design design elements came about as a result of our rebrand. Even our name was transformed from RTG Tuition Limited to Redbridge Tuition Limited. Having learned so much on our journey, we were able to build on our success and expand into Loughton. We used our Seven Kings centre as a blueprint for our second centre, and we were able to gain a foothold in the community within the first year.

Branching Out

As Redbridge Tuition's reputation grew, it became increasingly apparent that our teaching methods and products were scalable through the franchise model.

Our aspirations for Redbridge Tuition is that we can have a positive impact on students' learning and help students across the country build their confidence.

Franchisees offer a way for our in-house materials and teaching methods to reach more students, show the world a better way to deliver supplementary education and help our business grow.

Why Franchise?

More technically, the franchisee acquires the right to sell a brand's (franchisor's) goods or services within a defined territory. Most people, however, when referring to a franchise, mean the business format model.

Many well-known and successful businesses are franchises: McDonald's, Marriot International and Tax Assist are just some of the names that come to mind.

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Increased chances of success over startups

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Excellent operating margins

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Access to a wealth of experience and knowledge

Our Offering

The Redbridge Tuition franchise package gives you all you need to success in your new business.

The franchisee pays an initial franchise license and package fee to the franchisor, to acquire the franchise and a package of deliverables, which enables the franchise to start trading.

Grow With Us

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Your Return On Investment

The Factors of Success

These are just some of the factors that will affect the success of your Redbridge Tuition Franchise


  • Demand for tuition in the area
  • Proximity to schools
  • Parking availability and local amenities
  • The cost of rent and overheads
  • The presence of competitors


  • Your attentiveness to the needs of the business
  • Your ability to manage the financial aspects of the business
  • The amount of time you spend building your business


  • Your attentiveness to the needs of the business
  • Your ability to manage the financial aspects of the business
  • The amount of time you spend building your business

Projection of Revenues and Earnings

Your Redbridge Tuition franchise has the potential to be a high revenue, high-margin business.

It could generate revenues of approximately £80,000 to £120,000 per annum, yielding an operating profit of around £23,000 to £45,000 a year.

The business is known for its excellent operating margins of approximately 28% to 37%

We believe that a focused and committed franchisee may be able to exceed these projected revenues

Grow With Us

If you believe that a Redbridge Tuition franchise is right for you then get in touch: