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If you are thinking of applying to a Grammar School or an independent school for your child, you will have to start preparing your child for the highly competitive 11 plus exams. The 11+ exams are the first major hurdle that children face in their academic careers.  It is an exam for selective entry into secondary schools that students sit in Year 6, for entrance into Year 7. It is not a compulsory test but it continues to be used by Grammar Schools and some Independent Schools.

The 11+ exam is a one-off test and cannot be retaken.

Good preparation can substantially improve your chances of getting into the school of your choice. We have provided 11 plus tuition to children who have successfully secured places at the following grammar and independent schools:


There are very real differences to the way the GL, CEM 11+ and CSSE exams work and this may have an impact on how you prepare your child for the 11+.

Click here to learn more about the background of GL and CEM 11 plus exams

We offer both class based 11 plus preparation and private 1 to 1 eleven plus tuition.

We currently operate in three locations:

Seven Kings (Head Office)
43 Meads Lane
Seven Kings

South Woodford
Redbridge Drama Centre
South Woodford
E18 2RB

Parkwood Hall Co-operative Academy
Beechenlea Lane

Our Approach to 11 Plus Tuition

Whether it is grasping the basic literacy skills, English grammar rules, mastering vocabulary, punctuation and spelling or developing creating writing and composition skills or sentence structure and comprehension practice, RTG have experienced 11 Plus tutors who can help.

Our approach is tailored to the format of both the CEM 11 plus exam, GL 11 plus exam and the Essex 11 plus exam

GL Assessment

The format of the GL 11+ exam varies from region to region, but broadly speaking, most GL 11+ exams are either Standard Format (where answers are written in spaces next to the question) or Multiple Choice (where answers are marked in a separate answer sheet). The length of test papers vary, although 45 minutes is the most common exam time.

Following on from the recent popularity of the CEM style paper, GL have introduced spatial reasoning as part of their testing process.

GL takes its questions from the GL Assessment Question Bank and uses a variety of different question types across all four subjects. Through practice and preparation, it is possible for children to become familiar and confident with these particular question types.

The GL exam takes various forms depending on the borough.

Most borough that use GL administer individual topics per paper (so English, Maths, VR and NVR are tested independently of each other). Some boroughs (e.g. Kent) will use creative writing as a tie breaker.

The GL exam may also combine English and Verbal Reasoning and another combines Maths and non-verbal reasoning. Standard Format, Multiple Choice, or a combination may be used depending on school/region.

CEM Assessment

The CEM papers include a mix of English comprehensions, numerical reasoning and various verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions, non-verbal 3D and spatial reasoning and verbal reasoning cloze questions.

These subjects are split into individually timed sections.

In CEM exams, there will typically be more questions than are likely to be answered in the time allocated, and the weighting of each subject for your child’s final mark will be unknown before the exam.

Essex Assessment

The Essex exam will typically be a maths paper (in standard form), an English comprehension paper which will include a short creative writing and a reasoning element.

Specific Skills Required

Due the nature of both the CEM 11 plus, GL 11 plus exam and Essex 11 plus exam, there are specific skills required:

  • GL: Logic, Maths, Creative writing, strong vocabulary and spelling skills.
  • CEM: Strong English grammar skills, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and Maths skills are required. Although there is a crossover between CEM and GL verbal reasoning, there are certain differences.
  • CEM verbal reasoning is dependent on children having a much more wide-ranging vocabulary, as well as a greater understanding of grammar components.


Individual learning plan tailored for each pupil:

  • Small groups so that every pupil gets individual attention and are closely monitored for progress
  • Traditional face to face teaching by trainers with additional computer practice available.
  • Tuition tailored to the test of the specific school you wish to apply to
  • Plenty of exam practice of timed papers so that students are comfortable working under exam conditions
  • Inspiring trainers who keep the children engaged and interested and get the best out of every child
  • Friendly, informal atmosphere
  • Proven track record of raising standards
  • Exam preparations and techniques and strategies for 11+
  • Children develop and become confident in VR and NVR skills

For more information

If you would like more information on how we can assist you and your child / children prepare for the 11 plus exams, please contact us. One of our experienced 11 plus trainers will be able to assist. Please call the number above to speak to one of our friendly staff or fill out the form on the homepage of our website.


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