Posted on May, 2020

My daughter started her 11 plus prep with Redbridge Tuition exactly 1 year prior to the exams. I just wanted to convey my thanks and appreciation to mrs harji and her excellent team of tutors for developing my daughter into the confident young lady she is today. Not only did she pass her 11 plus exams and got entry to Woodford county high school in Sept 2011, she moved up 2 levels to the highest ability groups within 4 weeks at primary school. She excelled in her SATs as well as becoming a very popular student in year 5/6 due to her increased confidence in herself.

When my daughter went for her initial assessment with Mrs harji, I was advised to think twice about putting her under the pressures of 11 plus prep as she was concerned that Afreen may struggle to compete in the 11 plus. Afreen’s maths and English skills required a lot of improvement. I trusted in Afreen to learn quickly and mrs Harji offered her a place due to this.  She was accepted onto the prep course on a one month trial basis.

Thanks to Redbridge Tuition, Afreen made huge leaps in her learning in the first month and within just a few more weeks she was filled with the ability and confidence to succeed.

I was amazed by her progress myself and I could see that this was directly due to the teaching methods used by rtg to ‘stretch’ a child’s ability. The teaching materials used such as countless preparation papers and an online learning platform- designed by rtg themselves and all the encouragement and coaching given, were all attributes to my daughters success.

I will definitely recommend this service to any parent whether it’s for 11 plus prep or SATs prep. I am now eagerly waiting a place for my younger daughter to start tuitioning at Redbridge Tuition!

Thank you Redbridge Tuition and a special thanks to Mrs Harji for believing in Afreen and highlighting her strengths and addressing her weaknesses throughout the course.

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