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CEM to GL – A change in 11 plus exam board

Councils have to change 11 plus exam board – Introduction This blog is about how many councils across the UK have recently had to change…

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homework - Girl clutches head

Homework: How beneficial is it for your child?

Homework – Introduction Homework is one of the most controversial subjects. Parents often ask us how much homework should a student receive, or whether they…

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A teacher performing a lesson to a range of children

Tutor vs Teacher: What is the Role of a Tutor?

Have you ever wondered what the role of a tutor is? There can be a lot of confusion around the differences between a tutor and…

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5 Tips on How to Answer comprehension questions

5 Tips on How to Answer Comprehension Questions

Comprehension: What is your first thought when you see that word? Comprehension simply means to understand. Anything that you read requires you to ‘comprehend.’ This…

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The Best 11 Plus Resources to help your child for the 11 Plus

The Best Resources to help your child with the 11 Plus Exam

What are the best resources to help your child with the 11 Plus Exam? With the plethora of resources now available for 11 plus preparation,…

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Manage Tutoring Business

How to Run and Manage Your own Tutoring Business

Why Would you Want to Start a Tutoring Business? Starting a tutoring business is not for the faint of heart; it is all about heart.…

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how to find the best tuition centre blog

How to find the best tuition centre near you

Best Tuition Centre – A Guide Finding the best tuition centre for your child can be a real challenge. As tutoring services have become more…

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7 plus exam

Tutoring for the 7 Plus Exam

What is the 7 plus exam? Preparing children for the 7 plus exam is no easy task. This blog, written by our founder, Rupa Harji,…

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Tuition Centres vs eLearning (Online Learning)

An honest review of whether online tuition is the best option for your child during a lockdown. Online tuition has massive appeal for ease of…

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