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AQA English Language GCSE – Build for Success in the Exams

AQA English Language GCSE – Introduction When Michael Gove went about his educational reforms in 2015, he probably didn’t know that it was going to…

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11 plus preparation

11 Plus Preparation

11 Plus Preparation- What Every Parent Should Consider. This blog is for every parent who is considering 11 Plus preparation and may be feeling overwhelmed.…

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Redbridge 11 Plus Exam

The Redbridge 11 Plus Exam – A Short but Informative Guide

The Redbridge 11 Plus Exam The Redbridge 11  Plus Exam is a very competitive exam. Whilst the 2 grammar schools are not super-selective schools, they…

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GCSE and A-levels: Where did it all go wrong?

Ofqual algorithm used to obtain GCSE and A-Level exam scores Introduction 97% of GCSE grades and 82% of A-level grades were set purely by the…

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When English is not just English

English language is the world’s business language across the world. According to Statistica, in 2019 there were 1.12 billion Mandarin speakers and approximately 1.27 billion…

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Identifying end rhymes and internal rhymes using the famous poem by Edward Lear, ‘The Owl and the Pussy-Cat’.

We all know what a rhyme is, but do you know the difference between and end rhyme and an internal rhyme? Poetry can be fun…

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Writing Realistic Newspaper Articles

Writing realistic newspaper articles is part of the Literacy Programme of the National Curriculum. Children learn about writing realistic newspaper articles all through primary school…

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World Poetry Day – The Olympic Runner – By Jacinta Ramayah

For World Poetry Day, I have decided to look at the poem, The Olympic Runner by Jacinta Ramayah. The Olympic Runner is about a runner…

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