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Identifying end rhymes and internal rhymes using the famous poem by Edward Lear, ‘The Owl and the Pussy-Cat’.

We all know what a rhyme is, but do you know the difference between and end rhyme and an internal rhyme? Poetry can be fun…

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Does early self-control determine a child’s future success?

Can you ensure future success for your child? Can a child learn future success? How much is dependent on self-control? If so, can self-control be…

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Non-Verbal Reasoning Codes – How to Answer

Our year 4 and year 5 11+ students have recently been learning how codes questions work in Non-Verbal Reasoning. There are a few techniques you…

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Writing Realistic Newspaper Articles

Writing realistic newspaper articles is part of the Literacy Programme of the National Curriculum. Children learn about writing realistic newspaper articles all through primary school…

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World Poetry Day – The Olympic Runner – By Jacinta Ramayah

For World Poetry Day, I have decided to look at the poem, The Olympic Runner by Jacinta Ramayah. The Olympic Runner is about a runner…

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How to pass the 11 plus exam – Persistence is Key

If at first you don’t achieve success… The 11 plus exam is challenging. One of the keys to success in the 11 plus is understanding…

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