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Achieve success in your edexcel foundation GCSE

How to Achieve Success in your Edexcel Maths Foundation GCSE

Edexcel Maths Foundation GCSE – Getting Started So you’re taking Edexcel Maths Foundation GCSE, and you’re looking to achieve the best grade possible? The first…

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11 plus exam preparation

When should I start preparing my child for the 11 plus exam?

11 Plus Exam Preparation 11 plus exam preparation can be confusing, and even at times, frustrating for parents to understand. For those parents thinking about…

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Persistence blog post

The Art of Persistence in the Pursuit of Success (Free Persistence Quiz Included)

Persistence, the key to success? When I started writing this blog about persistence, I thought that it would be relatively straightforward. I thought that I…

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how to find the best tuition centre blog

How to find the best tuition centre near you

Best Tuition Centre – A Guide Finding the best tuition centre for your child can be a real challenge. As tutoring services have become more…

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The Wonders of the Periodic Table (Free Resources Included)

The Periodic Table – Its History and Application The periodic table was initially designed by Dimitri Mendeleev, a Russian chemist, in 1869. He, like many…

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7 plus exam

Tutoring for the 7 Plus Exam

What is the 7 plus exam? Preparing children for the 7 plus exam is no easy task. This blog, written by our founder, Rupa Harji,…

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Forest school experiences

Forest School Experiences

In this blog, two ex-pupils give personal accounts about their time at Forest School and their experiences there.  Forest School, Bancrofts’ School and Chigwell School…

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Is formal education a disadvantage in the 21st century?

A tutor’s musings about the education system By Rupa Harji (Founder of and tutor at Redbridge Tuition Limited) This article is the thoughts and musings…

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Tuition Centres vs eLearning (Online Learning)

An honest review of whether online tuition is the best option for your child during a lockdown. Online tuition has massive appeal for ease of…

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