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11 plus practice papers

How to use 11 Plus Practice Papers (free papers included)

Why take 11 Plus Practice Papers? Probably anyone would agree that taking 11 plus practice papers is an extremely important component of the 11 plus…

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A smiling tutor in front of a whiteboard

How to Be A Good Tutor: 7 Essential Skills

Searching for ‘how to be a good tutor’ is very common amongst aspiring tutors, and even experienced tutors, in some cases. This is due to…

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A tutor interview taking place

15 Top Tutor Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Whether you want to work for a school, a tuition centre, or a private educational institution, you will always need to answer a series of…

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Children learning in a classroom

A Day in the Life of an English Tutor

If you’ve ever been interested in becoming an English tutor, or you’re simply looking for insight into what they do on a day-by-day basis, then…

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Riddle blog adults kids

36 Best Riddles for Kids and Adults (With Answers)

  Best Challenging Riddles Riddles are a brilliant way to help children develop their critical thinking skills and creativity. So here are the best challenging…

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Fun But Useless Facts

Fun (but useless) Facts!

Some facts to keep you learning We’ve combined lots of fun (but potentially useless!) facts for you. How many of these did you already know?…

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5 comprehension tips

5 Comprehension Tips – Tackle Questions with Confidence

Comprehension: What is your first thought when you see that word? This blog will give you 5 tips to tackle comprehension questions with confidence. Comprehension…

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running my own tuition business

Lessons I have Learned from Running my Own Tuition Business

In this blog, I want to talk about lessons I have learned from running my own tuition business (Redbridge Tuition) in particular, for the last…

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dale carnegie_make_friends_influence_people

How to Win Friends and Influence People – A Book for the Modern Age

‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie – Introduction ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie is a must-read.…

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