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What Is Spatial Reasoning? (and how to pass a spatial reasoning test!)

Many parents find it difficult to help children prepare for their 11 plus exam and part of that test often includes a spatial reasoning test.…

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money book

The Best Books on Investing

The Best Books on Investing Investing may seem terrifying. You might be thinking that it is something that only the rich, powerful, financially and mathematically…

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A teacher performing a lesson to a range of children

Tutor vs Teacher: What is the Role of a Tutor?

Have you ever wondered what the role of a tutor is? There can be a lot of confusion around the differences between a tutor and…

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11 plus practice papers

How to use 11 Plus Practice Papers (free papers included)

Why take 11 Plus Practice Papers? Probably anyone would agree that taking 11 plus practice papers is an extremely important component of the 11 plus…

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A smiling tutor in front of a whiteboard

How to Be A Good Tutor: 7 Essential Skills

Searching for ‘how to be a good tutor’ is very common amongst aspiring tutors, and even experienced tutors, in some cases. This is due to…

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A tutor interview taking place

15 Top Tutor Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Whether you want to work for a school, a tuition centre, or a private educational institution, you will always need to answer a series of…

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Children learning in a classroom

A Day in the Life of an English Tutor

If you’ve ever been interested in becoming an English tutor, or you’re simply looking for insight into what they do on a day-by-day basis, then…

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Riddles for Kids and Adults (With Answers)

Our students absolutely love riddles so we’ve compiled some of our favourite riddles here for you! A man was outside in the rain without an…

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Fun But Useless Facts

Fun (but useless) Facts!

Some facts to keep you learning We’ve combined lots of fun (but potentially useless!) facts for you. How many of these did you already know?…

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