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Teachers in the classroom with children

Teachers – Overworked and Underpaid?

Teaching is undoubtedly one of the most challenging professions, requiring a unique combination of knowledge, skills, and dedication. In the United Kingdom, teachers are responsible…

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CEM to GL – A change in 11 plus exam board

Councils have to change 11 plus exam board – Introduction This blog is about how many councils across the UK have recently had to change…

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homework - Girl clutches head

Homework: How beneficial is it for your child?

Homework – Introduction Homework is one of the most controversial subjects. Parents often ask us how much homework should a student receive, or whether they…

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Woman opening up her shop successful business

Running a Successful Business

Successful Business – Introduction You’re thinking of building a successful business as a start-up. You want it to do well, yet 20% of businesses fail…

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child working out maths sum

KS3 Maths Curriculum: What Students Will Learn and How to Support Them

For children in Key Stage 3, it is essential that they build up confidence in maths in order to undertake GCSE with a strong platform…

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exam hall

6 Steps to 11+ Exam Success

1. You are not done until the time is up so check over your work! Do not think you are finished just because you have finished…

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Boy filling in a maths exam

Teaching Ratio and Proportion KS2: Everything You Need to Know

It is vital for children in KS2 to have a good grasp on ratio and proportion, as it is useful within school, but also in…

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A girl writing down something on her bed

How to Structure Creative Writing for GCSE (Creative Writing Examples!)

Introduction Having plenty of ideas for creative writing is one thing, but nailing down the right structure can be a bit more challenging. There are…

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Various math equations on a white background

Square Numbers: A Complete Guide for Primary Schoolers

A solid understanding of square numbers is required for children in Key Stage 2 (KS2) to progress and go on to grasp parts of algebra…

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