Below are some biology experiments that children can do at home

Growing plants

Grow various types of plants from seeds as well as from cuttings. Put them in different areas and compare how they have grown and why (the amount of light and water will affect how they grow).


Guessing Games 

Using the 5 senses either individually or by combining some of the senses. The 5 senses are:

    • sight
    • sound
    • taste
    • touch
    • Smell



Cooking is a great way to get children involved in biology. Below are some easy and fun ideas for children:


  • Put raisins into a cup of lemonade, see what happens and discuss the results
  • For a more sensory experiment- make slime : 
      • White or Clear Elmer’s Washable PVA Glue
      • Saline Solution (Contact Lens Solution)
      • Baking Soda
      • Water
      • Food colouring, glitter, confetti and many other ingredients

The only limitation is your imagination!


Create a mini-ecosystem

To create a mini-ecosystem, you will need:

    • A clear (preferably glass but does not have to be) bottle that you can seal. Mason jars work well for this.
    • Some moss (almost all gardens with a damp area will have some).
    • Small rocks
      • Place the small rocks in the jar and lay the jar sideways
      • Add the soil on top
      • Add the moss on top
      • Place anything decorative (bark leaves etc) that you wish to.
      • Seal the jar and place on a windowsill and watch the ecosystem develop.



Don’t forget to video and take photos of your experiments and tag us in them so we can see how you did! #redbridgetuition @redbridgetuition