Why Apparel?

We believe in making education a playful arena.

That’s why we have decided to embark on an ill-advised foray into ‘fashion’. As devote followers of haute couture, we can create simple elegant designs that will please all parties.

Our clothing line, ELW (Education Lounge-Wear), involves the bizarre intersection between apparel and learning.

The fashion and education conscious amongst you can try our latest creations.




We combine the best in natural and artificial materials to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly apparel, ethically produced, comfortable, built to last, and excellent value for money.

By utilising Printful’s service and our graphic design experience, we have created both inspiring and exciting apparel.

All our clothes are unisex, so as long as you order the right size, you should be okay. The only issue you may have is with the shipping time. As the new factory is up-and-running in the UK, you should receive your items with minimal delay. 

Our Collection