Our Tutors

At Redbridge Tuition, we are extremely proud of the team that we have and the dedication of our tutors.


Primary School

For primary tuition, we have professional full-time tutors as well as qualified teachers. All the tutors and teachers understand the National Curriculum and the requirements for primary schooling in maths and English.


Secondary School

For secondary tuition, we have a percentage of tutors who are full-time tutors, particularly in maths and English. The majority of our science tutors are field specialists who know the subject matter inside out and are either undergraduates or postgraduates in their subject.



We have a specific interview process, followed by trial lessons to see how the tutor performs in a real classroom with students. This is overseen by a senior member of staff. Each new tutor is then trained in The Redbridge Tuition method of teaching and code of conduct.


Each tutor (including every senior tutor) is regularly observed in their approach to teaching and their rapport with each student.