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Welcome to Redbridge Tuition

We are the supplementary education centre for your child’s academic needs. Our emphasis is on every child achieving to the best of their ability. We aim to build every child’s confidence in their ability to achieve and to instil in them the confidence that comes from a strong grounding in their chosen subjects.
We are dedicated to providing you with the very best in tuition.

Founded in 2007 by Rupa Harji, Redbridge Tuition has come a long way from its beginnings in a hired classroom in Ilford County High School.

Redbridge Tuition currently has two centres; Seven Kings and Loughton.

We offer tuition to students between the ages of 5-18 in the core subjects. These services include group tuition, 1-to-1 tuition, mock exams and holiday courses.

We provide a structured environment in which children can thrive and gain the knowledge and confidence they require for exams. Our teachers are specialists in their field and will provide the guidance and techniques specific to each examining board.

Our tuition services include preparation for the following exams:

The format of the GL 11+ exam varies from region to region, but broadly speaking, most GL 11+ exams are either Standard Format (where answers are written in spaces next to the question) or Multiple Choice (where answers are marked in a separate answer sheet). The length of test papers vary, although 45 minutes is the most common exam time.

Following on from the recent popularity of the CEM style paper, GL have introduced spatial reasoning as part of their testing process.

GL takes its questions from the GL Assessment Question Bank and uses a variety of different question types across all four subjects. Through practice and preparation, it is possible for children to become familiar and confident with these particular question types.
The GL exam takes various forms depending on the borough.

Most borough that use GL administer individual topics per paper (so English, Maths, VR and NVR are tested independently of each other). Some boroughs (e.g. Kent) will use creative writing as a tie breaker.

The GL exam may also combine English and Verbal Reasoning and another combines Maths and non-verbal reasoning. Standard Format, Multiple Choice, or a combination may be used depending on school/region.

CEM Assessment:

  1. 11 plus grammar schools for all examining boards and all regions
  2. 11 plus independent schools in all areas, including Westminster, Eton and many schools abroad
  3. 7 plus independent schools in all areas
  4. 13 plus independent schools in all areas
  5. GCSE – maths, English, chemistry, biology and physics
  6. A Level maths and further maths

We also offer maths and English tuition for children from 5 years old onwards, as well as the sciences for secondary school children.

Redbridge Tuition is OFSTED registered and a member of the Tutors Association.

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